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Aosta Valley Fondue

(4 servings / 30 minutes preparation + 2 hours for marinating the cheese)

Small pot
Wooden spoon/whisk
Earthenware small bowls

400 g of PDO Aosta Valley fontina (at room temperature)
1 clove of garlic
250 ml of milk
40 g of butter
4 egg yolks

• Remove the rind and chop up the fontina.
• Put it in a bowl with a slightly squashed clove of garlic and cover it with cold milk.
• Leave it to stand for at least a couple of hours in a cool place, not in the refrigerator.
• Strain the fontina from the milk and put it on the fire with butter in a small pot with the bottom of  more than 1 cm of thickness.
• Cook on a very low flame and use a wooden spoon for mixing continuously preventing the mixture to stick.
• As soon the fontina starts to get stringy, add an egg yolk one by one mixing quickly.
• Once the fondue is smooth and creamy, pour it into 4 small hot bowls.

Accompany the fondue with buttered toasted bread slices or croutons.
It can be served with truffles thinly sliced or on hot polenta.

Kids partecipation
Kids could pass the ingredients. They will learn a wonderful gesture: the gesture of giving.

Fontina, the main ingredient of the recipe, is a PDO Aosta Valley soft and sweet cheese, whose delicate flavour  depends both on the aging and on herbs varieties eaten by cows in pasture lands (Pezzata Rossa, la Castana e la Pezzata Nera Valdostana).
Fontina matures in 4-5 months in cellars curved out of the rock at 10°-12° and a very high  humidity, which facilitate a slow and gradual maturing.
Fontina is widely used in cooking, for its creamy texture (it melts already at 60°), and therefore it can be used for preparing savoury dishes, as  gnocchi alla bava, polenta and bistecca alla valdostana or zuppa Valpelenentze.

Nutritional and cultural curiosities
Fontina, which has obtained the PDO designation in 1998, presents organoleptic characteristics of high value, thanks to the components present in high mountain  pastures.
Fontina was, at its origin, a mountain pasture cheese, from the alpine summer pastures.

Useful tips
According to another version of the fondue, it is recommended to leave fontina to stand, covered by milk, for at least 6 hours. During preparation it is also important to keep mixing with movements in the shape of infinite.  
For the conservation of fontina it is recommended to wrap it in a clear film and to place it in the least cold area of the fridge.

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