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Oven-baked apples

   (4 servings / 45 minutes)

oven pan

4 apples
30 g of sultana
20 g of pine nuts
1 small glass of liqueur
100 g of sugar
1 vanilla bean
1 cinnamon stick
1 glass of sweet white wine

• Soak the raisins and the pine nuts in a bowl with some hot water aromatized with liqueur for about 30 minutes.
• Wash the apples and make a cut with a knife in the high part removing the upper part with the petiole.
• Remove the core of each apple with corer, insert the aromatized pine nuts and raisins.
• Place the apples in an oven pan, sprinkle with sugar and wine.
• Add a vanilla bean lengthwise sliced, the cinnamon stick and half a glass of water.
• Cover each apple with previously cut part and bake it in a hot oven at a temperature of 180° for 25 minutes.

Serve the apples still hot with their thick syrup.

Kids partecipation
It is better that kids stay away from knives. Washing the apples may instead be a good experience:  turning the apple in their hands means to know it (its weight, its smooth or wrinkled peel, its colours). Taste can keep waiting some more, leaving space for the other senses.

Among the the most famous and appreciated Italian varieties we find Annurca, defined as the queen of apples for its white, crunchy,  slightly sour and juicy flesh. Excellent for its nutritive values, it is used for producing liqueurs and preparing sweets.

Nutritional and cultural curiosities
Apples come from Western Asia and have spread in Europe since antiquity. They are crunchy or floury,  slightly sour or sweet, they can be yellow, green and we estimate the existence of more than 7000 varieties.

Useful tips
In this recipe, sugar may be replaced by honey and butter flakes added inside every apple.


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