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Broad bean and pecorino with field salad

  ( 4 servings/5 minutes)


 400 of fresh broad beans
 250 g of spicy Pecorino Romano
 400 g of mixed field salad
 1 fresh onion
 8 slices of homemade bread
 extra virgin olive oil
 Aromatic vinegar


• Toast the homemade bread.
• Clean the onion and thinly slice it cross-wise into rounds.
• Wash the salad thoroughly, dry and dress it with the onion, salt, oil and vinegar. 
• Put the on 4 plates.
• Prepare some pieces of Pecorino Romano.

Take the salad plates and place the pieces of Pecorino Romano and the fresh broad beans in the centre of the table. Each fellow guest removes the broad beans from the pod, peel and accompanies them with a morsel of pecorino.

Kids partecipation
In this case kids cannot peel the broad beans because, according to the recipe, they are served on the table in their pod. There will be another occasion.  

It is a typical Roman and Lazio tradition, to celebrate 1st of May holiday, with a country outing, and tasting this delicious combination of tender and fresh Roman broad beans and pecorino.

Nutritional and cultural curiosities
Broad bean is a legume cultivated since the ancient times, both as human and animal food. Fresh broad beans are very nourishing, light and digestible.

Useful tips
To check the freshness of the broad bean, it is necessary to verify that the bean is turgid, of a bright colour and without spots.
The broad can be consumed both uncooked (with the pod for shelling), and cooked in soup preparation.

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