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Faggioli all'uccelletto (White beans tuscan style)

(4 servings/30 minutes)

Thick-bottom pot
(terra-cotta/earthenware) casserole

250 g of dried cannellini, toscanelli, capponi beans (or 600 g of fresh beans)
500 g of peeled tomatoes purée
7 spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil
1 clove of garlic
1 spring of sage
Salt and pepper

• Put the dried beans to soak for 12 hours and then stew them without salt.
• Put the oil, the garlic and the sage in the casserole, and remove the garlic as soon as it becomes golden.
• Add the strained beans, salt and pepper it.
• Add some spoonfuls of tomatoes purée.
• Keep cooking on a low flame, the beans need not to move in the pot.
• Mix continuously and add more tomatoes purée.
• The beans will be ready after absorbing all the tomato.

Serve them hot with some toasted homemade bread slices as side dish for grilled sausage, steak or tripe Florentine style.  

Kids partecipation
Kids have few opportunities to work. Unless fresh beans with peel are used. In this case kids would learn what inventing a job means.

In the opinion of the well-known cook Pellegrino Artusi, the definition “all’uccelletto” is due to the use of special aromas, garlic and sage, which are traditionally used for preparing roasted  birds.

Nutritional and cultural curiosities
This recipe is widespread throughout Tuscany, the “uccelletti” are prepared with simple and savoury ingredients typical of the rural food. Cannellini beans have a thin, nearly imperceptible, peel, they cook quickly and, as the other legumes, are a precious source of  vegetable proteins. 

Useful tips
According to traditional recipe the cooking needs to be in a earthenware pot.
The water inside the pot needs to be equal to 5 times the beans weight.


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