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Uova con tartufi (eggs with truffles)

  (4 servings/10 minutes)

 truffle grater

 8 eggs
 60 g of black (or white) truffle
 50 g of butter
 Salt and pepper


• Carefully clean the truffle by using  a moist cotton rag.
• Melt the butter in a saucepan
• When the butter is melted crash the eggs and scramble them.
• Lightly cook the eggs for 5-6 minutes.
• Season with salt and fresh milled pepper.

Serve very hot; each one will shave the right and desired amount of truffle by his own.
Use sliced rough bread instead of forks to not corrupt the taste of the dish.

Kids partecipation
Kids may clean the truffles, but hardly ever they will be invited at this. Truffles are very delicate and to handle them require a certain experience. It is not easy to prove the contrary.

The eggs, with their soft whites and their creamy reds, perfectly match the truffles aroma, which makes unique the simple things.

Nutritional and cultural curiosities
Truffle value does not lie in its supply of nutrients, but in its capacity to produce consumer’s pleasure.
Truffle, known since remote times, was appreciated by the Romans, who inherited the culinary use of this fungus from the Etruscans. For many centuries people had believed that this precious fungus was the result of the combined action of water, heat and lightening.

Useful tips
Truffle should not be washed, but cleaned from floor with a toothbrush and a rough cotton cloth.
It is possible to use the quail eggs, adding one more touch of sophistication.

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