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Mashed potatoes (puree)

(4 servings/55 minutes)

wooden spoon

wooden spoon


• Cut the potatoes in half, wash them and pass them under running water.
• Boil the potatoes with peel in a pot full of salted water for about 40 minutes, strain and peel them.
• Heat the milk slowly in a saucepan.
• Pass the potatoes with a potato masher.
• Put the puree in a pan, add 5-6 spoonfuls of butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg and the heated milk little by little.
• Mix it with a wooden spoon until you get a soft and smooth puree.
• Adjust the salt and add the cheese, mix it again and remove from heat.

Puree is a delicate side dish to be served hot with braised beef and roasts. It is often used to accompany pork sausage with lentils.

Kids participation
Kids can wash the potatoes. The real game starts when the puree is on the plate: they can make, then, drawings with a fork; mums will not be able to reproach them, as the drawings have already been eaten .

Mashed potato is a classic side dish, very popular. The delicacy of puree  makes it a dish appreciated by children.
The puree is the base for many recipes, including croquettes, pies and baked potatoes.

Nutritional and cultural curiosities
Potato, added to milk, becomes a light and digestible food.

Useful tips
Potatoes should be boiled with peel to preserve its nutritional properties.
The mashed potatoes can be prepared the day before, stored in the refrigerator in a container. The following day it will be enough to heat it, adding a little milk.
Do not use new potatoes as they contain too much water.

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