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Croccante (almond brittle)

(6-8 servings/45 minutes)

baking tray
wooden spoon
baking paper

300 g of sweet almonds
300 g of granulated sugar
2 spoonfuls of water
juice of half a lemon
1 lemon

• Dip the almonds in boiling water for a few minutes, strain and peel.
• Toast the almonds in the oven at 180° for 5 minutes, then chop them roughly.
• Let the sugar caramelize with the lemon juice and the water in a casserole.
• Let it melt on a low flame and mix it with a wooden spoon.
• Add the almonds and mix together until the sugar gets golden.
•  Turn off the heat and add the almonds.
• Pour the mixture on a large baking oil-paper sheet or on a large, low and greased mould.
• Press with a lemon cut in half for levelling the mixture and giving the desired thickness.
• Make some small incisions to facilitate the cold cutting.
• Let it cool down.

Serve the croccante in pieces.

Kids partecipation
Shelling the almonds will be the right job for the oldest kids. The nut-cracker needs to be used carefully. Then the kids will intervene at the end, for eating a very exquisite sweet.

Croccante is a typical Christmas sweet, prepared in many regions, especially in the Central and Southern Italy. The traditional recipe requires almond, but it is also possible to use hazelnuts, sesame or peanuts.

Nutritional and cultural curiosities
Almonds are used to prepare nougats, sugared almonds, creams, cakes, biscuits and refreshing drinks, as almond milk and barley-water. It is believed that nougat recipe has originated in Southern Italy, where it seems to be derived from an Arab sweet with almonds, honey and spices.

Useful tips
For removing the croccante from the mould dip the mould into boiling water and pour it onto a plate. For preserving the croccante, wrap it in silver paper and put it in a tin box. Put it in a fresh and dry place; sugar can melt in the warm.

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