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Pollo alla diavola

(4 servings/45 minutes)

meat press

1 chicken of about 1,200 g
1 lemon
dry leaves of laurel
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

• Finely chop all the aromatic herbs.
• Wash, clean and dry the chicken.
• Cut it in half lengthwise and press it well with your hands or with a meat press.
• Sprinkle with salt, lots of pepper and the trio of aromatic herbs.
• Leave it to stand for about 15 minutes.
• Cook on a hot grill over hot coals or in an iron pan, first on a high flame, then on a moderate flame brushing often with an emulsion of oil and lemon.
• In case of spring chicken it will be enough to cook it for 30 minutes.
• Towards the end of cooking put the laurel leaves on the grill: they will give it a special flavour to the chicken meat.

Serve it on a platter with lemon slices and fresh salad.

Kids partecipation
Sometimes, who is busy does not have time to think. It is useless to encourage to look at a dead chicken. Only adults can look at the aim, without thinking about anything else.

The name “pollo alla diavola” comes from the cooking on a very strong flame; it’s an old preparation of Tuscan cuisine, where we find a dominant meat cooking on the grill or on the spit. 

Nutritional and cultural curiosities
To find a good chicken we need to make sure that does not come from factory farms, but focus on local production or quality certified organic.
In Italia there are several native breeds are bred, as Valdarno chicken in Tuscany and Morozzo capon in Piedmont.

Useful tips
If you use the pan for cooking, it is recommended to place a smaller and heavier cover directly on the chicken,  so that the cooking is intense and uniform.. You can use chilli pepper, red pepper and spicy oil to flavour the chicken.

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