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Stockfish with potatoes

(4 servings/40 minutes)

potato peeler

700 g of already soaked stockfish
500g medium-sized potatoes
100 g black olives
1 clove of garlic
1 bunch of parsley
extra virgin olive oil
balsamic vinegar

• Peel and wash the potatoes.
• Boil the stockfish in salted water for 20 minutes over medium heat.
• Chop the garlic and the parsley, put them in a bowl, add the olives and mix them together with the oil poured little by little.
• Strain the stockfish and the potatoes, remove the bones and the skin and divide the stockfish into flakes.
• Place the pieces of fish in the salad bowl with the condiment and mix well.
• Add the potatoes cut into small pieces and season with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and freshly ground pepper.

Serve the stockfish with a pinch of chopped parsley.

Kids partecipation
We can ask kids to wash the potatoes or go and play or do their homework.

The stockfish with potatoes is a tasty main dish , common and popular in several regions , from Veneto to Campania.

Nutritional and cultural curiosities
Stockfish and salted codfish are actually two distinct versions of the cod : the stockfish is the cod after being cleaned, pressed and dried in the wind of the sea, while the salted codfish is the codfish preserved in salt. The codfish was the fish arriving in the country villages, away from the sea.

Useful tips
The whole stockfish should be soaked for 4-6 days, changing the water every day. To make the recipe even more delicious add capers , anchovies, raisins and cherry tomatoes . It is proud of its regional recipes: stockfish Liguria style and stockfish Vicenza style.

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