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Nutritional Characteristics

Cereals are the largest suppliers of  carbohydrates, mainly in the form of starch, ensuring a constant energy production and favouring the perception of satiety, and regulating, by this, the daily amount of food. Vitamins (B1 e B2) and mineral salts enhance the energy component, releasing an important “basic nourishment”. The significant component of fibres favours metabolic and intestinal functions, preventing many cardiovascular diseases and tumours.

Recommended Intake

In accordance with the Food Pyramid cereals are recommended in the main daily meals.

Serving Size

Food products derived from cereals can be grouped into the following main categories: bread (100 g), pasta, rice, grains (80-120g)

(CIISCAM-  Inter- University Centre of Research on Mediterranean Food Cultures  - www.ciiscam.org)



(CIISCAM-  Inter- University Centre of Research on Mediterranean Food Cultures  - www.ciiscam.org)

Main Food Products

The term cereal indicates the herbaceous plants producing seeds from which we obtain flour. The main cereals cultivated in Italy are: wheat (soft wheat, durum wheat, farro), barley, rye, triticale, oat, buckwheat, corn.

Regional Production

All the Italian regions produce cereals. Southern Italy is the land of durum wheat, the Po Valley is the land of soft wheat, corn and rice. Minor or niche crops have developed everywhere, as farro (PGI Garfagnana Farro, PDO Monteleone di Spoleto Farro) or the buckwheat. Cereals, annual plants, are one of the main creators of Italian landscape, famous for the harmony of colours, changing with the seasons: the colours of ploughed fields, the green appearing in spring, the bright yellow of ripen cereals. Flooded rice-fields are represent a charming and evocative landscape.


Cereals are annual plants and their life cycle is from six to nine months. The harvest is in summer months.  The seeds keep throughout the year and they have historically ensured food supply for the mankind. 


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